Shopping Tour in Marrakech

One Day

Tour de compras en marrakech

Every person wants to get what they want by buying this thing; also each one has favorite approach to make his or her shopping.

We will take you in our shopping tour to the main famous and good places where you will find all your needs. The old medina is a grand labyrinth features hand-crafted Moroccan good things as babouche slippers, woodworks, brass works, ironworks, bronze works, jeweler, kaftans, carpets, spices, and pottery.

Along the way, we’ll also visit a few street workshops where local craftsmen practice their trades. Watch a master ceramic tile-maker at work and stop into a filigree workshop where those famous Moroccan lamps are created.

Enjoy the Moroccan shopping at your own pace, without becoming lost. No push and you will go where you want ….

At the end of the tour you will return to your accommodation place
Marrakech Experiences takes very seriously the privacy of your personal data. They are only used to process your booking. Reservations made on marrakech experiences you are free of charge. Payment is made at your departure to your trip, simply.

Price : 70 euros in total, for a groupo 2 until 6 people

Price ; 140 euros in total for a group de 7 until 14 people

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